• Remote installation of test stations, anodes, PREs, and coupons.
    – Offset test stations with conduit installed by use of Hammerhead pneumatic pusher.
  • Installation of copper or zinc ribbon for AC mitigation.
  • Installation of distributed CP surface beds by vacuum excavation or company owned auger.
  • Trenching, attachment of negative cables, and splicing.
  • Joint bonding
  • Pipeline rebranding and line-of-sight marker installations.
  • Surface-to-air excavation, inspection, pipe preparation, and recoat.
  • Utility exposure “potholing” and GPS data collection by Trimble.
  • Hole clearing for drilling contractors.
  • Aerial crossing (bridges) line recoating.

* All rigs carry calibrated four gas tester, ultrasonic tester (UT), voltmeter with half-cell, and basic traffic control.

Pipeline/Valve Recoat

AC Mitigation

In-Plant Surface Bed Installation

In-Plant Vac Services